Vinyl Siding and the Beneficial Features that Make It the Perfect Type of Siding for Homes

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Vinyl siding is the most widely-used exterior for new homes in the United States. In fact, over 30 percent of homes have it. There are several other siding options available on the market but knowing the beneficial features of vinyl, you can easily tell why it is the siding material of choice for many homeowners everywhere in the country, particularly in Colorado Springs, CO.

Why Not Asbestos or Wood?

The earliest sidings are made of asbestos. When it was discovered to be hazardous, it was banned from being manufactured into almost all kinds of product, including siding. Later wooden siding became popular, but it was expensive, and since wood is susceptible to weathering, it seems pointless to use it as an added protection to home exteriors. The option homeowners are looking for is a material that can resist rot and look elegant at the same time.

The Beneficial Features of Vinyl

Vinyl comes with a great many features but here are the five most prominent.

Moisture-Resistant. While water is an essential component of life, it is also famous for the damage it can cause to both organic and inorganic materials. Water in the form of moisture can host fungi and algae, which can aid in the decomposition of wood. It can also cause ferrous metals to rust and deteriorate. Since vinyl is inorganic, it will not succumb to water. Rain or snow may damage its coating but the inner core will remain tough for a long time.

Strong and Durable. You may think that because vinyl is a type of plastic, it can easily break when applied with strong force. The truth is that it can withstand winds of up to 110 miles per hour speed, making it one of the toughest types of commercially available plastic. So it can protect your home even from a devastating storm.

Can Be Manufactured in a Variety of Colors. Unlike wood, which comes in limited colors and shades because there are only very few species of trees that can be made into siding boards, vinyl is very flexible. It can be made into different colors, allowing homeowners to choose exactly the colors and style that matches their home architecture. It can also be easily coated so when it’s time to change the home’s exterior motif, you can simply coat it with a different color.

Lightweight. Plastic is very light and easy to work with. This is why vinyl siding is quite easy to deliver and install. With these properties, you can expect a vinyl siding installation project to be completed very quickly.

Given all these beneficial features, you can now easily choose vinyl as your siding material. Just make sure to go to a reputable supplier and installation company so that you get the highest quality materials and workmanship.

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