Thinking About Doing a Quick and Easy Revamp on Your Exterior? Consider Using Vinyl Siding

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There‚Äôs nothing wrong with wanting your home to stand out a bit more. However, it’s completely understandable if the last thing you want is a costly home improvement project. Instead, you may just want to spruce up the exterior and give it a slightly different feel, even texture. If that’s the case, you ought to look no further than vinyl siding.

More Homes Are Being Built with A Vinyl Kind of Siding

When homeowners want to give their home a revamp, they often turn to vinyl siding to give it a fresh new look. On the other hand, it’s also a popular choice among home design and construction companies with 33 percent of all new homes in the US being built with this kind of siding in 2012. That’s no surprise, though, considering this kind of siding has been around for years.

You Can Spot Vinyl Siding Across Various Architectural Styles

Vinyl siding was first introduced some time in the 1950’s. It’s no wonder that you can readily spot vinyl siding in various architectural styles of American homes. Indeed, vinyl siding is versatile when it comes to design. Moreover, it also offers homeowners a lot of other advantages.

For starters, it’s designed with long-term durability in mind. In fact, this kind of siding comes with multiple attachment points that helps it resist strong winds of up to 110 mph. At the same time, it’s also made with advanced UV-resistance coatings so that its colors will not fade easily. You can even expect it to look brand new for years.

At the same time, a vinyl siding is also very easy to maintain. All you need is some mild soap and water to give it a good regular clean. Vinyl siding resist moisture damage so it actually plays a role in letting your walls breathe and dry out. If you are determined to practice greener living, this type of siding is also known for its “green” attributes that have already been documented by the industry’s first environmental product declarations or EPDs.

That said, there are a lot of creative ways that you can utilize this kind of siding for your home revamp. Here are some design tips that you can use.

Explore More Colors

There is an entire spectrum of colors that you can choose from if you opt to use vinyl for your siding. If you want to stick to a more traditional look, you can always go with pastel colors. You can easily update your home with a new modern look by going with earth tones.

On the other hand, darker color tones such as hunter green, barn red and deep blue would give your home a slightly edgier look. Not to mention, it would also make it stand out more in your area.

Get Creative with Profiles

Vinyl of siding comes in a wide range of profiles that you can easily play with design wise. For something more traditional, you can go with Dutchlap, beaded or clapboard. Meanwhile, more specialty profiles include shakes, shingles and vertical.

Utilize Various Shapes

One of the best things about using a vinyl siding on your home exterior is that you can play around with various shapes. For instance, a shingles profile alone can come in a wide array of shapes. These include scallops, hexagon, half cove, square, mitered corner, octagon and fish scale. Meanwhile, a shake profile can come in a straight edge or staggered shake.

Consider these tips as you start to figure out how to give your home an easy but stylish revamp. Check out some architectural magazines and websites if you feel like you need some design inspiration. At the same time, you can also consult with home design contractors to have a better idea how much your dream revamp would cost. Go ahead and make plans to give your home the new look that it deserves. After all, when you use a vinyl type of siding, you can be sure your revamp project will be worth it.


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