Got a Stucco Siding Home Exterior? Here Are Some Easy Ways to Keep It in Good Condition

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Using stucco on the exterior of your home is an absolutely great idea. Stucco sidings are durable and also fairly easy to maintain. Here are some simple tips on how to make sure it stays in good condition.

Clean Your Stucco Siding Well Regularly

Stucco sidings needs regular cleaning as it is exposed to a lot of dirt. This is something that all homeowners can easily do. First, spray water from top to bottom to wet the stucco. The use of a fan-type sprayer is recommended for this job.

Follow this up with a spraying at a higher pressure and the use of a scrub brush to remove dirt and stains. A mild detergent or a specially formulated stucco cleaner may also be used. These cleaning solutions are generally available at most home improvement stores.

As you spray the stucco, make sure that you go from top to bottom. This way, the dirt higher up on the wall won’t settle at the base. After you’re done spraying, check the stucco for remaining signs of dirt buildup. In case you spot some, you can easily dislodge it using a stiff bristle brush. Just don’t scrub it too vigorously so you don’t damage the stucco.

Remove Blemish with the Right Cleaning Solution

Meanwhile, if there is any blemish still left on your siding, all you have to do is use a pump sprayer or a hose that has a built-in soap reservoir. Using this, apply diluted trisodium phosphate or TSP directly on all of the affected areas. Allow the stucco to dry before rinsing your stucco surface one more time.

Deal with Any Mold Issue as Soon as Possible

Over time, your stucco may encounter mold issues. The moment you suspect that mold is responsible for discoloring the stucco exterior, simply apply a bleach solution to remove unwanted stains. To do this, rinse off the stucco with water.

Afterwards, apply a mixture that’s 25 percent bleach and 75 percent hot water. Apply this bleach solution using a brush or sponge and wait a few minutes to allow the solution soak into the stucco. After rinsing off the bleach solution, just wait 24 hours for the treated area to dry before reexamining it. Should your stucco color need some touch up, just use an elastomeric paint or acrylic paint designed for use on masonry materials.

Just remember these tips and your stucco siding would be looking amazing years to come. After all, stucco is known to be one of the most durable siding materials around. With regular care, you won’t have a need for any major repairs at all.

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