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Stucco sidings add a lot of value to the structure of a property. It lends an elegant feel to the house, while also adding durability to the exterior. Because of this, you’re more likely to hear real estate agents hype up the stucco siding as a feature of houses for sale.

Even while it is strong and durable it’s also subject to wear and tear. If your house features stucco sidings and you see the following telltale signs, immediately call professionals for stucco repair. You wouldn’t want anyone else to do it for you.

Cracks on the Exterior

This is actually the foremost enemy of stucco material. Usually, the risk for cracks become greater when the material is not properly installed in the first place and installation problems manifest themselves, in the form of cracks.

Cracks develop from the expansion and contraction of the material as it reacts to the external temperature as well as the other elements. Adding to the stress on the stucco material are the improper mixture of its raw materials prior to installation, insufficient curing, and inconsistencies in application.

This is a very big problem for the homeowner, because these cracks then allow moisture and water to seep into the structure. This will contribute to the deformation of the stucco exterior, which will then require immediate repair before the cracks grow and spread further. Usually, cracks develop around the doors and windows, or corners in general. Stucco installed over wooden walls are more susceptible to cracking than ones installed over concrete.

Water Damage

If you see the paint cracking or looking damaged, this is likely a sign that there are moisture issues with the stucco exterior. Take this sign seriously because a properly installed and well-maintained stucco siding is supposed to last for as much as 50 years.

Cracked paint may indicate that the stucco was not properly sandblasted prior to painting. Without sandblasting to provide a good anchor profile, paint may not adhere properly. This will then allow moisture to seep in and cause cracks. A professional can have a close look at the state of your stucco exterior and determine if it could still be sandblasted, even belatedly, and then repainted to correct the issue.

Because stucco sidings make your home a lot more valuable, it’s only right that you give it the care that it deserves. A company like Lumin Systems can provide professional service so you can maintain the quality of your stucco exteriors.


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