Why Top Contractors Recommend a Stucco Finish for Homes in Colorado Springs

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When the walls of your home don’t seem enough to protect your interior from the elements, you should consider applying stucco. This is a type of plaster made of a mixture of cement, sand, lime, and water that can be applied on an existing surface to enhance its toughness and beauty. Whether your wall is made of concrete or fiberboard, applying stucco won’t be a problem, as this material can stick on almost any kind of surface. Here’s why you should consider having a stucco siding.

A Beautiful Finish

A lot of homeowners want their home exterior to look uniquely dashing. They would go as far as decorating with pebbles or inscribing the walls just to integrate their personality into their home’s architecture. Luckily, stucco make this possible for them. Because this material is originally a plaster, it can be made with various textures. Whether you want your finish to be coarse, smooth, or pebbled, stucco will not disappoint you. You can even coat it with the color you want should you decide to change your home’s motif.

The added beauty stucco offers helps increase your home’s resale value. Compared to a home with a typical-looking exterior, a stucco-plastered home would definitely attract more potential buyers. This is definitely a worthwhile investment, especially because the cost of stucco may be less than the value it adds to your home.

Additional Insulation

Your home’s energy efficiency can be measured by how much heat or cool it can keep or allow inside. Much of the temperature is released through the windows and doors but walls made of poor materials may also serve as a way out. By reinforcing exterior walls with stucco, you can improve your home’s insulation, and therefore saving more energy, since your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work harder.

Rot Resistance

Almost all types of material can be a breeding ground for microorganisms such as bacterial, mold, and mildew. These organisms are known for their ability to decompose matter. Stucco is among those materials that can resist their effects. If your home is finished with stucco, you can expect it to last without signs of deterioration from microorganisms. This also means that it will take a lot longer before you will have to engage in costly cleaning, repair, or restoration for the siding.

If you want your home to look as elegant on the outside as it is inside, use stucco siding. Hire one of the best stucco contractors around Colorado Springs to ensure the success of the project. Certified stucco contractors get their supplies from trusted resources and have the most experienced professionals in their team.

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